Chimera SoundChimera Sound

Hotel Dallas

Feature film by Ungur & Huang.  Audio Post Production by Adam Chimera

Neurodome: The Journey Inward

Planetarium show in production, directed by Jonathan Fisher  /  Music composer, sound designer, recording session director, and post sound engineer:  Adam Chimera  /  Narration by Namrata Tripathi

The Naked Brand

A Questus Production  /  Directed by Jeff Rosenblum and Sherng-Lee Huang  /  Post production sound mix by Adam Chimera  /  Featured on Bloomberg TV

I Am A Fat Cat

Directed by A.R Brook Lynn  /  Set sound recordist, sound designer, ADR session director, post sound engineer: Adam Chimera  /  Winner: Film of the Festival at Raindance 2011

2011 Raindance Trailer

Created and directed by A.R. Brook Lynn  /  All production and post production sound work by Adam Chimera